Meeting URL

You can customize the URL that is used to connect to the Adobe connect meeting. The Adobe Server domain will always remain the same. However the last part of the URL can be customized.

For example if the Adobe Connect server domain was located at http://adobe.connect.server/ when customizing the URL to mymeeting, the URL to connect to the meeting would be http://adobe.connect.server/mymeeting. Leave out the trailing forward slash

Valid URL entries consists of the name with

  • mymeeting
  • /mymeeting
Invalid URL entries consist of more than one forward slash:
  • mymeeting/mymeeting
  • mymeeting/mymeeting/
  • mymeeting/mymeeting//anothermeeting
  • mymeeting/

Once the meeting has been saved, you will no longer be able to edit/update this field as the field will be disabled. If updating the activity settings and if Groups Mode is set to no group then you will see part of the URL in the text field. Otherwise the text field will remain blank as each course group will have their own meeting URL.

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